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About Keith

What do you get when you hire me?  You get a guy who loves people and usually has a camera in hand.  I still have my day job but I'm self taught and obsessive about constant improvement in my photography.  I've got all the good cameras and beautiful lenses to make you look good, and I don't post photos where do you don't look your best. I'm a student of light and how it hits you, and flash is one of my best friends,  I take alot of pictures and many tell me I don't have to take THAT many, but if you're willing I'll take as many as you like during a session.  I'm pretty good with Photoshop and Lightroom, and one of my favorite activities is combing through all the images I've taken and making them even better.  I'm proud to be a professional photographer, and my goal will be to capture you on your day and make you laugh.  Smiles make my day.  KL

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